What Does a Magician Do?

I know, everyone has an idea about this already. A magician makes thing appear and dis-appear, makes things change color and the list goes on and on. This is all true. Magic is a lot of fun and people enjoy it. In fact, I wrote a whole article on that alone. Sometime when someone hires a magician, they have no idea what a magician should do. I like to ask my clients when they first call,: “What would you like a magician to do for your event.” sometimes they have an answer and sometimes they say; “I don’t know” or “I never thought about that…”

As a magician, I offer a service and that service should follow the guidelines of any other service business. Now, keep in mind my service is unique. What does the magician ‘sell’ or ‘offer you”? The truth is, we sell memories. Now, here is where the problems come in. If you get an awesome magician – he or she sells you awesome memories and if you get an average magician, he or she sells you awful memories. This is where we have to say, ‘caveat emptor’ let the buyer beware. I am not going to pick apart entertainers – that’s not my goal, my goal is to get you to be aware and ask them questions to see if they are right for your event. That’s all. Perhaps I’ll write another article on how to pick your entertainer. Visit magicien close-up Lyon

So what does a magician do? The key to answering this question is, forget the tricks that the magician does. Look beyond those. Does the magician create memories that will be remembered? Does he/she treat the audience and your guests with respect? Does he/she go above and beyond the call of duty? An awesome magician should always…always (to quote the late Eric Paul) give them more that they expect.

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